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About Pacific Paper
Pacific Paper is an independent, privately owned company that converts and sells custom size sheets of prime packaging grade paperboard to folding carton manufacturers and commercial printers in Southern California.

We believe that great folding carton packaging begins with the right material. The right material delivers performance, quality and reliability for the product it houses.

At our manufacturing facility in Rancho Cucamonga, we carry more rolls of SBS paperboard than any other distributor or converter in Southern California. This steady supply of paperboard keeps our prices competitive and allows us to deliver orders faster than anyone else. "Service" is what sets us apart from all the rest. By keeping things simple, we make your job easier.

As a local leader and supplier of paperboard products in Southern California, we recognize the importance of using natural resources in a responsible manner. We are very proud that all the products we sell are renewable and recyclable resources. We believe that a good package protects and enhances the product inside. But the best package also protects and enhances the world outside. Through our commitment to promote environmentally appropriate paperboard products, we belong to the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) Program.